Which USB key for running OMV

  • Hey,

    New question, I've got my prodesk PC to mount my NAS, but I want to put OMV on a USB drive to keep all my SATA connectors for HDD's.

    But I've some questions :)

    For the capacity I think to get a 16/32 GB (OMV+DOCKER+APPLIS+SOME OTHERS)

    But I'm only sure of that.

    Do i need to get an USB 3.0 drive ?
    Does some drives aren't compatible with OMV installation ?

    About the form factor I think to get a very small key (like Wi-Fi adapters) but is it a good idea ? heat and other reasons...

    Some returns about using an USB key ? (I know I have to use a specific add on to decrease R/W operations)

    Thanks in advance


  • Some returns about using an USB key ?

    • Most important step is to ensure you buy a good and genuine one. Fake flash (faking higher capacity) is the main issue with failing flash memory. You should always test your USB pendrives or SD cards with either F3 or H2testw first to check for counterfeit/broken products.
    • I would only buy USB3 products these days since this ensures they're made in this decade and you avoid getting old junk
    • Even with an USB3 key I would use it in an USB2 slot to avoid any contact issues with SuperSpeed transfers. There won't be that much of a slowdown since random I/O performance is important for the OS drive and this won't change significantly between SuperSpeed (USB3) and Hi-Speed (USB2)
    • Small pendrives overheat pretty fast and then throttle down but that's usually only a problem with large sequential transfers (writing a movie to a pen drive for example) but not with the 'OS drive for OMV' use case (most storage access patterns will be random I/O and that mostly when installing updates)
    • The flashmemory plugin is mandatory since reducing wear on the drive. If you enable monitoring or store containers or stuff like a Plex database on your USB drive be aware that the flashmemory plugin only has limited effect (this is important, for reasons why see 'Write Amplifcation')
    • Getting more than one drive is a good idea to offline clone them for some sort of an OS backup.
    • I personally would prefer SD cards instead since those can be TRIMed after the initial test for fake capacity (see 'page 28' remark here)

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