Suggestion for the FAQ

  • I have a suggestion for the FAQ.

    Had to do a password recovery. Logged in via SSH using another username, ran "sudo passwd admin". Couldn't log in to the web interface. Did some more checking and found that there's an omv-firstaid utility, likewise changed the password in there. It still didn't let me log in. Started digging for more information, including trying the default openmediavault password, finally using both passwd and omv-firstaid, still didn't seem to work.

    After spending time playing with recovering my password for this forum on a lark I tried the web console one last time and the password finally worked. It appears that there's a delay between setting the password and being able to use it. This delay is not enumerated anywhere that I saw, either as a message from the omv-firstaid utility or in the forums.

    Some further documentation on the nature of administration would be nice. I honestly don't know which process actually triggered the password reset, and I don't know if the old GNU passwd utility did anything at all or caused worse problems. Please consider adding some of this to the FAQ lest other long-time Linux users find themselves in the same situation where expected commands either don't work, cause harm, or take time.


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  • I'm not really sure what your issue was, but I just changed my password for the webUI and it took effect instantly and I was able to log in with my new passwords.

    I'm guessing you were doing something else wrong (what I don't know), but omv-firstaid is mentioned in the documentation and FAQ, not to mention numerous How-To's and posts on the forum.. The best thing for you to do would have been to follow the suggestions for resetting the webUI. sudo passwd admin, has never been recommended to my knowledge (although it does work). omv-firstaid has been the recommended way to reset the webUI since at least the .2 beta when I started using it.


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  • That's part of the point, if running passwd breaks things it would be nice if there were something to prevent classical administration techniques from causing that breakage.

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  • just a thought. Maybe the password change did take effect immediately but your browser needed a cache-clear before noticing it?

    I considered that. When I changed mine(each time) I logged in with my current password, used omv-firstaid to change my password, logged out of the webui, and logged in with my new password. Didn't refresh my browser, etc.. and had no problem logging in

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