OMV stops responding

  • I have been running OMV for over a year now but recently it would become unresponsive after a few weeks. I can ping the server but I can't ssh or access the GUI. I am running it via a USB drive and it might be the drive is going bad. What logs can I look at to confirm it? The issue is resolved after a reboot.

  • I actually found this in the syslog:

    This is repeated a lot of times before I restarted the server and are gone since the restart. sde is my root drive which is a USB drive.

  • I actually found this in the syslog

    The messages deal with just 3 different inodes so you need to do an fsck and see if the issues are resolved. You can do a touch /forcefsck followed by a reboot, follow the advice when searching the web for 'fsck rootfs debian' or use a second box with Linux where you mount the USB stick (the latter approaches allow for reading error messages and decide what to do in case of fatal errors).

  • Thanks for the input. fsck didn't show any errors but this has happened to me twice recently after running fine for over a year. So I went ahead and created a Clonezilla backup.

    One question: My Clonezilla backup for a 32GB drive was only 2GB. Is that normal? I used clone to local drive.

  • I do have openmediavault-flashmemory plugin. I presume it's good to have it if using OMV on a flash drive.

    It is if you configure it correctly and run the command it tells you when you first install it.I personally use a cheap SSD they are usually more reliable and robust then a USB

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