Solution for constant password incorrect on web interface

  • I recently rebuilt my OMV box because I was tinkering with OMV 5 installed on top of Debian (caused more issues than it solved, backed the hell out).

    After rebuilding my box I could not login to the GUI no matter whether I changed the password via SSH using omv-firstaid.

    Anyway it turns out the account was locked out. I suspect that Google Chrome was doing some of its usual "I'll save you time and pre-auth" garbage and inputting the old and defunct password that I used on the previous build.

    In essence, when you use omv-firstaid, also take a look at option 4 - "reset failed login counter" and see if that helps.

  • Sounds like a browser cache issue. You can confirm this by opening a browser in Incognito/Privacy mode, going to your omv address and trying to log in. Assuming it works, that means you just need to clear your cache...

    Go to the OMV webUI address.

    Hold Control and click Refresh.

    Log in.

  • I came to log onto the WebGUI this afternoon and after typing in the details the logon dialogue returned with empty fields. I used omv-firstaid to change the password three times but it still doesn't allow me to log on. I tried the suggestions above to no avail. I'm locked out of my own NAS.

    Can anyone help me to fix this, please?

  • after typing in the details the logon dialogue returned with empty fields.

    That usually happens when the OS drive is full.

    There are many threads about it in the forum.

    Or try this one: After recent update, WebGUI stuck in endless Login Loop

    Do you have access to the CLI either by Putty/cmd/powershell or by display and keyboard connceted to the server?

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