Installation of OMV on MXLinux 18.3

  • Good Day,

    I have no issue using original installation using iso provided. Which is running on old computer headless.

    I'm currently experimenting with the following tutorial, https://openmediavault.readthe…stallation/on_debian.html for another computer

    Instead of original debian 9, I'm installing on top of MXLinux 18.3 which was based on debian 9.6 stable branch.

    One of the irritating part during installation is hanging of starting service proftpd which i forcefully restart service with different tab in terminal (mxlinux terminal) then it continues until the last error.

    Note that the only error I see is the chmod else, no issue.
    Currently install on live usb for testing purposes.

    I'm having problem with chmod error with openmediavault package. any idea how do I solve it? ?(

    Asking why I'm not installing on top of debian 9 os, basically mxlinux has interface and tools that helps administering omv in gui way (Especially snapshot).

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