rsync - problem with folder split with include & exclude pattern

  • Dear all,
    on my good old OMV 2.x I used rsync to split a folder from one big hdd to two smaller hdds using the include and exclude patterns.
    after setting up a new OMV 4 these patterns throw a exeption and rsync doesnt work anymore.

    Maybe someone can help me why the patterns dont work anymore?

    In the source there are folders with subfolder and files, and I would like to divide the source at a certain folder ...
    all folders from source starting with a number to folders starting with the Sj should go to target 1
    all folders from source starting with Sk to Z should got to target 2
    my problem was that the pattern should only divide at the "top or main" folders, not the subfolders or files... so a file from source in a folder "TTT" with the Name "abc.txt" should go completly to target 2...

    On OMV 2.x I used the following patterns:
    to Target 1" contenteditable="false">Quellcode: Rsync Action1 => to Target 1Quellcode bearbeiten

    [*]--include "/[0-S][a-j]*/**" --exclude "/[S-Z]*/**"

    --include "/S[k-z]*/**" --exclude "/[0-S]*/**"

    But if I start them on OMV 4.x I get the following exeption:

    I would be very thankful if anyone can help me with that.

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