OS on USB Stick Died, Re-Installed to 1Tb HDD, cannot mount old storage hard drives.

  • Hoping someone can tell me what Ive missed.
    Not much info out there about re-mounting drives to a new OMV install. Unless Im not searching the right terminology.

    Heres the process:
    1. Old OMV4 running on USB stick died. (Not due to stick failure, but due to PLEX filling up the drive and killing the GUI etc.
    2. Installed new SATA 1Tb HDD. (WD Blue)
    3. Reconnected old 2Tb SATA HDD (WD Black)
    4. Rebooted OMV and GUI found the disks.
    5. Went in to File Systems to find 3 additional partitions unmounted. Mounted EFI and BOOT OSX but cannot mount StorageHD. Assuming this is where all of my media is.
    6. Get an error about wrong fs type etc. Screenshot attached.

    I need to mount this drive. it's very full of my media. Technically I can lose it, but Id rather not waste the time ripping again.
    Yes, I am aware of the fail safes, but it's not mission critical.

    Systems were installed the same way. As far as Im aware theyre both ext4.
    Thats about as much as I can work out from google and the like. Sometimes the jargon used here is overwhelming.

    Any info Ive missed, don't hesitate to ask.

  • How'd it work the first time around?

    Just saw that you successfully mounted the other hfsplus partition 'Boot OS X'. So hfsplus support is there but the kernel refuses to mount the large data partition. The error message suggest looking into syslog. Diagnostics --> System Logs --> syslog. Maybe the disk is corrupted and needs to be checked (do a web search for fsck.hfsplus in this case).

    Again: using hfsplus is a really bad idea especially when no backups are made.

  • Oh dear. I think this rabbit hole may be too deep for me.

    I honestly thought it would just work the same as before. Sigh
    Tried installing some packages. Unable to resolve debian mirror. Try to change mirror, more commands to learn.
    Have to change mirror. Doesn't work. Strange obscure idea on unrelated forum suggests changing DNS to It works. This has been representative of my experience so far.

    Perhaps one day Ill have the time to learn linux enough just to run the bloody software. Let alone fix problems that exist before i've even started using it.

    Thanks for your help anyway. :/

  • I think this rabbit hole may be too deep for me

    I asked you to look into syslog. In case there's something you don't understand then post it here. Following random 'advice' on the Internet to adjust DNS settings or some other distracting stuff won't improve your situation.

    You re-used a disk that was in use before as an OS X install instead of wiping it in OMV's UI and formatting it with one of the supported filesystems. That's where your problems started. Now you deal with a filesystem that doesn't work really great with Linux, is maybe damaged since a longer time and now needs attention most probably unrelated to your reinstall.

    Since you don't seem to have backups I would try to recover from this situation.

  • That is the issue. Had you addressed this from the very beginning you would not be in this position now.

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