Haven't had any updates in two weeks?

  • Is there something I'm not aware of as far as OMV Updates?
    I haven't had any updates (Updates Management...Manual Check) for two weeks...
    I'm currently on version 4.1.22-1 (Arrakis).
    I don't get any errors when checking for updates...Just not seeing any...
    Seems a long time not to have any updates??

  • While I can't say for sure (I've not had any either)... this seems pretty normal to me for a few reasons.

    Debian 9's last point release was the end of April. While it hasn't officially moved to "old stable" yet, it only makes sense that as Debian 10 moves closer to release, Debian 9's updates will be come less and less frequent.

    With Debian 10 nearing release, I'm guessing Volker is concentrating on OMV 5 and not adding any features to OMV 4. Most major bugs have probably been worked out by now on OMV 4, so any updates you're pulling are likely just security updates for Debian 9, or if you've got some software installed from 3rd party repo's (like Plex).

  • Ok...Thanks...Just had me worried something had gone weird with my install...
    I'm fine with no updates (A pleasant change from Windows World)..
    I also figured good weather might be affecting things (I know it is for me)...


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