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  • Hey guys,

    I just received my 2x SATADOM 32GB drives. (I was planning on using FreeNAS)

    Is there a way I can use these for OMV? And mirror the drives incase ones dies we can just reboot and run off the backup?

    Lastly, I have 128gb ram, so I'll need to remove a bunch of ram in order to use the OMV installer, will there be any repercussions if I remove ram down to 16gb, install OMV, configure the mirror (if possible), and then reinstall the ram back to 128gb? Would this have any lasting negative effects?

  • The BIOS boot order should allow you to pick which drive you want to boot from, and switch if needed.
    You can clone drives with dd, using something like; dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=32M
    I'm not sure of the effect of cloning an active (on-line) boot drive.

    Cloning might require an off line process, like clonezilla, which can be installed using OMV-Extras. Clonezilla, as it is installed by OMV-Extra's, is accessible by SSH so an off-line cloning process can still be accomplished on a headless server.

    Command lines like the above can be added to scheduled tasks and run automatically, or set inactive and run manually using the run button.
    (Manual is probably best in this case.)
    Based on what I read regrading SATADOM drives, you probably should use the flashmemory plugin.

    Regarding the RAM question, tagging @ryecoaaron . He knows more about the OMV/Debian installer, X86 hardware, and potential ram limitations than I do.

  • Thanks @crashtest, I'll wait for @ryecoaaron for a reply about RAM limitations.

    Lastly the SATADoms I have are the SuperMicro SUPERDoms. They 'seem' to be more like little SATA devices more than glorified USB.
    I am happy to stand corrected, and happy to install the flashmemory plugin just didnt think it would be needed.

    If I did DD or clonezilla would it still clone the boot so it would make a 100% like for like and be able to boot from the spare device?

  • I'll wait for @ryecoaaron for a reply about RAM limitations.

    He'll most probably explain what he already explained here for example: Switching to OMV from unRaid

    As for your SuperMicro flash modules... they're flash after all and will wear out. Those SUPERDoms we use seem to provide a 'wear out indicator' SMART attribute but I've neither an idea whether it's the right one nor how to interpret it (that's the great thing about 'good' SSDs: they tell you when they are almost worn out so you can replace them prior to a mess, but you need to be able to interpret the respective SMART attributes for this to work):

  • If I did DD or clonezilla would it still clone the boot so it would make a 100% like for like and be able to boot from the spare device?

    I don't have experience with using dd, with on-line drives, which was why I added the caveat in the first post.
    (Perhaps someone who has experience with using dd with on-line drives might chime in.)

    On the other hand, using (and booting) the clonezilla add-on is an off-line cloning process, and cloning perfect copies is what clonzilla is designed for. Again, with SSH to get access to a one time boot, I believe it will do what you're looking for.

    I use and clone USB thumbdrives for the same reason - OS backup that's easy to restore.

  • Because I tried that and it didnt work with the UEFI installer.
    I need to go back and look into it again but just havent had the time and I can get the 4.1.3 installed no problem.

    Strange that the OMV ISO would work better with UEFI than the Debian ISO. I guess if 4.1.3 works and you are willing to remove dimms, go for it. It won't resize swap when you re-install the dimms.

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  • Assuming that nothing major changes in OMV, the next version may be available as a command line package upgrade. omv-release-upgrade

    My understanding of what will become OMV 5 is that an upgrade over any prior version will be impossible and a new install from scratch will be the only way to have it.

    Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

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  • So wait if future is btrfs, wouldnt installing with btrfs now be beneficial?
    Or at least use it as a filesystem in a new build?

    I'm planning to do a 80tb build shortly but want to be prepared for the future, in the sense that when OMV goes to v5, I dont need to worry about my data in doing a fresh install.

  • I'm planning to do a 80tb build shortly

    Horrible idea :)

    Since you're on x86 the only fs of choice in such a situation would be ZFS in my opinion. Depends on a lot of factors though. Wrt btrfs: the proposal to switch to btrfs only has been postponed for at least OMV6 so please take this into consideration.

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