Samba Authenticate via LDAP (using SSSD)

  • Hello,

    I've got my server working nicely (Dell Tower Server) with my OpenLDAP server (Raspberry Pi) from an authentication perspective...

    • SSSD lets me login to the server using my OpenLDAP credentials. I have even setup LDAP stored ssh keys which works brilliantly.
    • Because of the above I can also log into OMV using my LDAP accounts (but I have no idea why I would ever need to do this given that OMV follows a one-admin-user-architecture).
    • OpenVPN-AS in docker lets me log in locally to my network and authenticates via the same LDAP server
    • The web pages are protected using nginx auth (using organizr with LDAP authentication enabled).

    So all that I'm left with is the NAS part lol... so getting samba to share my shared drives to my mac (and my wife's laptop).

    Ideally, I'd like to use the ldap accounts to authenticate, but the internet seems to imply that the samba has the accounts separately, with a new attribute in LDAP for the samba password.

    Is this really the way it works? Or can I setup samba to use sssd? Or at least get it to use the local cached copies of the ldap accounts so that I can log in with the same user/pass combination?


    P.s. I'm happy to share how I got any of the above working bits to work should anyone be interested.

  • Here is how I do it for windows. I don't know if it will work for openldap. You might be able to get some ideas. Test in a vm. There are other posts too.

    "P.s. I'm happy to share how I got any of the above working bits to work should anyone be interested."
    I am sure others will be interested in this.


  • Thank you. I will try to put together some docs soon.

    You mean set up a fresh OMV in a VM? Makes sense... Will look at setting that up this week...

    Edit: Looks like samba supports kerberos only for this. Do I need kerberos? I've never set it up before... we use it at work, but I don't know a huge amount about it except that by specifying the realm and doing a kinit I can access hdfs, hive etc... (I work in big data - hadoop). I have setup my own keytab before...

    Dell T320 Server E5-2430 24GB RAM, running OMV 4.1.22-1 with Docker
    Software Engineer

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