Help setting up OpenVPN in docker

  • Hello everyone. I finished building my first server and installed OMV. I was successful in setting up Sonarr, Radarr, SABnzbd in docker. But the issue I am having now is setting up OpenVPN in docker.

    Here are the steps I did so far.

    - I searched and installed the image linuxserver/openvpn-as in docker
    - I ran the image, Container name ->openvpn, Restart policy -> always, Run container in privileged mode -> Enabled, Network mode -> Host, PUID = 1000, PGID = 100, Container path -> /config, Host Path -> AppData-OpenVPN
    - Then I went to https://myip:943/admin for setup and I get (This page is not working, ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE)

    I am trying to setup my newshosting VPN with OpenVPN. Newshosting provides the config zip file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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