mem usage matches resource limit

  • Hey guys!

    I've encountered something strange. OMV is reporting that my VM is out of ram. The syslog is filled with messages such as these:

    "Jun 14 09:57:42 openmediavault monit[704]: 'openmediavault' mem usage of 1393337040896.0% matches resource limit [mem usage>90.0%]"

    The VM is assigned 4GB RAM and the host reports 91.57% (3.66GB) usage. From what I know, Linux likes to use avalible RAM for cache, but is this really ok?

    Thanks for help!

  • Hi,

    Was having the exact same issue (on last OMV 5.5.17-3).

    OMV uses monit to monitor the health of the system (memory, cpu load, ...) ; Check with sudo monit status or sudo monit summary. If errors are reported, syslog are filled and you receive mails (if configured).

    Actually, Debian Buster runs monit 5.26.0 (check with sudo monit -V) and a bugs exists in this version for hosts running in VM or LXC :

    A fix has been made in monit for this bug since version 5.27.0, see :


    Fixed: Issue #843: Linux: Monit reported wrong memory usage in LXC container if the ZFS filesystem was used. Monit now use MemAvailable on Linux when calculating memory usage for more accurate statistics. Thanks to Joe LeVeque for patch.

    I solve this on my OMV by installing the backports version of monit (actually monit 5.27.1 ) :

    sudo apt install -t buster-backports monit

    Hope this will help others.


  • I have the same problem with latest OMV (5.6) installed in Proxmox.
    I try to upgrade monit with sudo apt install -t buster-backports monit and it install v 5.27.1 but when I reboot the system message of high memory usage (mem usage of 1510590775296.0% matches resource limit [mem usage > 90.0%]) return. If I force to reinstall monit (sudo apt-get --reinstall install monit) message disapper until next reboot. How can I fix definitely?

    Thanks in advice

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