missing disks after upgrade to omv4 [please help]

  • I have a fresh problem and a big one. i have lost 2 of my disks. They now show a missing in file system.
    Under disks i can see the 2 disks but they say the need remounting and starting fresh so it tells me to format them which i dont want to do. I feel i should have stayed with OMV 3 as upgrading has giving me headaches and now the potential to loose all my data on 2 disks.
    i am really lost with what to do now and im not very good with terminal commands

    ive tryed looking into it and found this info

    The missing disks are sda & sdd

    They are not showing blkid

    /dev/sdc: UUID="b23657ce-e6e5-f2e6-0797-64b6cdd023ca" UUID_SUB="9dad59a5-fab8-e7 57-e308-da381d5b5b0a" LABEL="clarkfamo:Backups" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
    /dev/sde1: UUID="76be675c-1be2-40fc-90dc-a9ee2a98bf55" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="420 4be38-01"
    /dev/sde5: UUID="940805af-8e03-499c-afbe-5618d52a7d5d" TYPE="swap" PARTUUID="420 4be38-05"
    /dev/sdb: UUID="b23657ce-e6e5-f2e6-0797-64b6cdd023ca" UUID_SUB="55d29f2e-e7b8-86 cd-9117-3e0662fabf49" LABEL="clarkfamo:Backups" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
    /dev/md127: LABEL="Backups" UUID="08952ca4-450d-46a5-9336-a12305192b97" TYPE="ex t4"

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