in over my head need help pls

  • ok i will be as simple as i can

    1 server
    4 pi zero w (pref with hat) and remote control
    5 computers (3 laptops 2 desktops all windows 10 /home/pro/ x86/64 mix)
    1 pi 2 b

    ok so i have a normal computer i just got to put openmediavult and host files on here is my issue tho, i need it to have vpn and or a tunnel the server is home the pi w is at a old mans house who knows NOTHING about computers.
    i want the pi zero w to be able to be plugged into the tv, turn it self on connect via vpn (socks 5 on a port OTHER THAN 1080 is very important) and use a key not password to log in then it should be able to surf or browse the movies on the server and stream to the tv its plugged into. my ip is static and i can make my own vpn if needed. so basically the pi should check to see if its on the lan and use the media files if its at "home" and if its not it should vpn so it acts like its on the same network as the actual server and then can be operated with a remote (tv remote) so people can watch tv basically trying to idiot proof it and proxys are a must.

    id also like to set up the actual server part to run antivirus's and update itself say 1 time a week id like to stress nothing here is illegal , i am just going crazy on the security as they are total pc dumb and this maybe used to travel and watch from home in a hotel i have NO idea where to start i need a walkthough and as much help as humanly possible pretty pls :saint::saint::saint::saint:

    any quetions hit me up i have discord for faster replys but i cant speak you can i can listen and will type if interested outside of form.

    im not sure what the pi zero w should run perhaps xbmc ? that auto logs in with a key to the server ?

    (side note if at all possible i do NOT want to use any paid or rented services and i would rather use my OWN vpn than say nord or w/e that ways its free and i pref any key be over 2000 bit encryption that part i kinda know how to do )

    can anybody help me

    set up >
    3 pi zero w's are in the same home as the server 2 of them maybe used to travel with so each pi will have a pi hat and hdmi cable so it is powered by a tv usb plug and just runs on power on
    1 pi is at another home in the same city but i wish to link the 2 networks together
    4 windows pc's/laptops will also need to access the files automatically if possible when home and thought he vpn when not so they to can watch the same movie / tv library

    and lastly i am brand new to this just started today
    but id like to get sonarr or radar working possibly just to add shows by itself i dont have time to do manually with torrent (mostly free air stuff )

    anybody feel like helping me thought this ? i have the pc parts the pi and the software but nothing as yet set up.
    pls help me make this as idiot proof as possible i like to share with the fam but they cannot use any electronics so i have to automate most things if possible (also why im looking into sonarr / radarr to catch cable shows while they work aka like a vdr but better )


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