[HowTo] WireGuard with OMV Super-Easy

  • After some more googling I might have found a reason why some things work and others don't. I think there might be a conflict in the internal subnet. However, I'm quite a novice on this topic but always willing to learn. Does anyone see an issue in the internal subnet which could cause my problems?

  • Hey together,

    i've just installed wireguard on my omv machine (omv version 5.5.20-1) by myself, without any suggested script here.

    "Ip a" show three network devices

    • lo
    • enp2s0
    • wg0

    Everything went smoothly and the wireguard connection between my omv server and my clients works flawless.

    My intention in doing this was to create a nfs-share which is accessible from the wireguard ip-range.

    I created the share, but unfortunately it isn't visible for my clients. Running

    • showmount #IP_of_my_OMV_Server_enp2s0-Interface#


    • showmount #IP_of_my_OMV_Server_wg0-Interface#

    works for both IPs, but only show my normal nfs shares created for the ipramge of the enp2s0 interface, but not those i created for the wireguard IPs.

    I think maybe it is because my wireguard connection isn't known by openmediavault. If i go in the omv web configuration System\Network\Interfaces there is only my enp2s0 interface listed. I see no option to add my new wg0 interface here :/...

    Do you think the missing interface is causing my not visible nfs share? Or is this another problem? Does anyone knows how i can achieve nfs shares restricted for my wireguard connections?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards!

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