Random errors on SSD/ SATA Controller since short circuit

  • I had a short circuit in my house. After fixing it the power supply of my OMV machine was dead. I replaced it now and see random errors on the SSD. The errors might be connected to the short circuit or not. It is very possible that i just did not remark them before.
    I had the machine running for over 24h without issues until today but now the HDD/ controller errors reappeared. So they aren't very frequent.
    I wonder if it might be the SATA controller or SSD that produces these. Anyone got a clue how to identify the source of the issue?

    Here are some logs:

    Oh and btw. I already changed the cable, I changed SATA3 to SATA2 in BIOS and i changed the mainboard SATA port from 1 to 2... no success

    Here is the SMART info:

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