External HW RAID write speeds slow OMV4

  • I'm unable to solve this and hoping you might be able to help me. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, my transfer speeds went from ~30MB/s down to ~3MB/s. After lots of testing, I found that the RAID5 attached storage is the only thing that's slow. iperf is fast, writing to the sdcard is fast, but writing to the external hdd is painfully slow.

    dd if=/dev/zero of=output bs=10M count=20 && rm -r output
    20+0 records in
    20+0 records out
    209715200 bytes (210 MB, 200 MiB) copied, 113.76 s, 1.8 MB/s

    I've taken the RAID out of the system and connected it to another computer. In so doing, I was able to get speeds of +120MB/s so it's not the array itself.

    I've also tried a new image to see if any of my settings somehow borked the esata connection but experience the same abysmal speeds.

  • Further testing has confirmed that this is exclusive to OMV4. Read/write speeds to each of the disks in the RAID yielded desireable speeds. Rebuilt the RAID and tested again with good results. Put the array back into OMV4 on both the BananaPi and a VirtualBox system to write speeds of about 9MB/s.

    Set up an OMV3 VirtualBox, mounted the array and write speeds are back up to 130MB/s.

    OMV4 does not have this problem with single drives attached, only the HW RAID5 box.

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