odroid hc2 + omv 4 – can't access the dashboard and ssh anymore

  • hello,

    I successfully installed, configured and ran omv 4 on my hc2 for about 3 weeks. For various reasons I had to reboot my router and disconnect everything from the plug, including
    the omv box. After everything started up I couldn't connect to my omv box anymore. Everytime I try to reach it via the web interface I get the message "ERR CONNECTION REFUSED". Same thing with ssh. I see the box starting up and it's in my home network but I can't access it anymore. What did I do wrong?

    thanks in advance,


  • Did you set a static up address? Maybe it runs under another ip now.

    thank you for the fast response!
    no, I didn't do that. I can clearly see the box listed in the web interface of my router and the IP hasn't changed.
    Are there any config files I could manipulate on the sd card to gain access?

  • As long as you just shutdown and disconnected as described, it should work. I shutdown now and then and there are no problems at all. What you describe is not any different. So I assume something more has happened that you are not telling us or isn't aware of. Perhaps some changes in the network or some new device using the same IP?

    It is a good idea to reboot after a fresh install, followed by a full update, to verify that everything works and the system boots OK.

    I typically shutdown to backup the SD card after changes in the config that I don't want to lose. If there are any problems then I can try to boot from a copy of the backup image.

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  • hey folks,

    thanks for all your answers. i couldn't get it back on. so i just did a dd mirror of my omv sd card for future investigations and dumped it from my nas.
    i went the manual route instead and installed buster with all the services i need on my setup. no fancy webgui, but no problems after reboot and other shenanigans also. it's a tollerable trade off i think ;)

    best regards,


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