Cloudshell2 problems after HW RAID1 & few questions

  • Hello,

    I've got a 9-10 y.o home NAS iomega storcenter ix2 with 2x 2TB seageate HDD and decided to change it because it was outdated. Even when I bought it at cheap price there was no update at the time because iomega told it was 'outdated' ... I found new firmware and debian OMV for the new version of the ix2 to be installed form uart but not for my OLD one.

    So I would like to buy the odroid N1 with 2x SATA but finally it was cancelled. I have an HC2 odroid but it has only one disk available, nothing for a second on. I'd like to buy a Rock64pro case but I've already have an unused Xu4 and price for cloudshell2 was only 40 USD. And also my father who reapair and build NAS for compagny only thrust in HW RAID 1 like a religious for 20 years for backuping told me HW raid1 was the best solution I bought the cloudshell2. But my father hes retired from 2010 and time has changed from what I learnt on this forum...

    So I installed OMV on the cloudshell2 on a SD card by following the instruction from hardkernel and also installed the new LCD and monitoring tool here .

    IIRC a few weeks ago I did a first test without any HW RAID and it works. OMV shows 2 HDD and FTP and SMB server worked.

    Then I upgraded the RAID chip firmware, and build a RAID 1 (using the cloudshell2 button). Odroid HW RAID tools told me RAID was OK.

    Quote from my armbian verison

    Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.85 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.14.111-odroidxu4
    System load: 0.04 0.04 0.00 Up time: 24 days
    Memory usage: 6 % of 1996MB Zram usage: 6 % of 998Mb IP:
    CPU temp: 60°C
    Usage of /: 11% of 7.4G storage/: 1% of 1.8T

    I also installed script to see SMART through OMV.

    On OMV I can seed only 1 disk because of HW RAID. THe screen on sloudshell works but don't show HDD temperature.

    The main problem is: from my navigator, I opened FTP, SAMBA and other protocols, added users. From my ubuntu MATE laptop I can see them in network in my file manager but when I connected with my user/password I cannot see/access any folder... WHAT HAPPENED ? WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO ?


    1) I've messages from a guy named tkraiser(who apparently is a specialist for NAS) that RAID 1 is not back up and therefore not necessairy for home NAS. Can I deleted HW RAID, switch to software RAID ? or Simply use the second disk to backup ? My main goal is that I just want to have access to my files, music,movies,... without loosing them in case of disk failure...

    2) Odroid emmc does not work with cloudshell2. It is possible to use on the Xu4 because I bought a 16 Gb one and it is more stable then SD card and minimise the problem of corrupted sd Card? I will ask hardkernel...

    3) Is there any correct tutorial to use cloudshell2 with correct RAID1/ or backup?

    4) What happened in case of SD card corruption ? Will I have access to my files ? Because I think SD card corruption can be more possible than disk failure...

    Thanks to the people that can help me and make my NAS work with this odroid Xu4... :)

    Have a nice day ;)

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