OMV4 convert to Uefi

  • Hy there
    im trying to convert my legacy OMV 4 to UEFI because i want to use my new J5005 ITX Mainboard, which btw run fine with 2* 8GB Ram.

    I followed this tutorial:

    But i getting stucked when tryin to mount the right folders to chroot into omv.
    I managed to chroot into omv and also managed it get the internet to work for downloading grub-efi.
    But in the end der is no bootable efi system.

    I have a 200gb SSD with 16GB for omv, 8gb swap, other space is a ext4 partition with shared folder for virtual Machines, Webserver and so on. (and 3 other HDDs, idle and shutdown @90% of the time, thats why i want to use the SSD for VM's and so on)
    I cloned this ssd with clonezilla to a 1.5TB HDD. (and can do this again)

    Generel Steps converting zu UEFI (pls correct me if i miss something)
    - resize 16gb omv partition
    - create "empty space" between omv partition and shared folder partition
    - create 2 partitions in this space 500mb fat32 formated, flagged bootable and esp, after that 1mb partition unformated
    - mount omv partition on a other debian 9 system, (and other folders, according to the tutorial, but i dont know which)
    - chroot into the mounted omv debian, getting internet to work (ping, apt-get remove grub-pc, apt-get install grub-efi
    - ??

    Thanks for Help
    Answers in german are welcome ;)

  • Nope just uefi with this board.

    And its also a long process moving mysql DBs, Webserver with wiki, baikal and so on to a new fresh install. And im not that linux professional ...

    So i hope i get this conversion done.

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