How to remove Owner and Group Creator

  • Hi all,

    I've a fresh install OMV 4.1.23 with a Domain Controler (AD Microsoft WS2016)

    My ACL is simple.
    I create two Security Groups to my AD :
    - Folder XXX - RO
    - Folder XXX - RW

    And an Administrators Folders security group :
    - Folders - Administrators

    On my XXX shared folder, I add this ACL :
    - Folder XXX - RO = Read only
    - Folder XXX - RW = Read/Write
    - Owner = root = Read / Write / Execute
    - Group = Folders - Administrators = Read / Write / Execute

    But, on my shared folder to Windows 10 (or other version), I've 3 additional ACL :
    - Evertbody
    - Owner Creator
    - Group Creator

    My problem with this additional ACL (creators), when I create a folder or file, the Owner is automatically added.
    When there are many folders or files created with a lot of different users, the list of ACLs is very large.

    And when I try to delete Owner Creator or Group Creator, I've no permissions.

    So, how I could remove Owner Creator and Group Creator ?

  • Owner, Group and Others are default Linux (posix) permissions. They may be referred to as standard permissions.
    ACL's use "username" and "groupname". ACL's are add-on's, in Linux, that are stored in a file or folders extra attributes. They may be referred to as extended permissions.

    If you ever figure out how to remove or eliminate standard permissions (Owner, Group and Others), in a native Linux filesystem, and use ACL's only, I'd be really interested.

  • Ok, visibly it's not possible to delete Owner Creator and Group Creator.
    So, when I try to XigmaNAS, it's work fine without this. (XigmaNAS use FreeBSD)
    But I prefer OMV for its WUI.

    I going to try between Privilege and ACL configuration, but if I don't reach to delete Creator, I think to select XigmaNAS.

    Also, I've an access problem to my shared folder OMV to Windows without domain join. (reminder, my OMV is in an Active Directory).
    When I look security tab over windows, I see "Unix\security_ad_group", I think is bad... Good method is "DOMAIN\security_ad_group"

    So, OMV with an AD integration isn't a good solution.

  • Any solution to this?

    We are not (yet) using MS AD here -- for now, as first step testing, we are using local accounts on OMV. Testing so far includes admin and a single user with similar access management strategy of OP....


    sharename_rw allow read only
    sharename_rw allow read/write
    sharename_adm (in an AD environment would be used to manage permissions)

    We just ran into the same issue where some of the files and folders existing for our single test user have this "OWNER CREATOR" user, and the permissions in general are not consistent for different files/folders.

    Again, just a single test user and all files/folders have been uploaded or created by that user.

    "Use something else" can't be the correct solution. We have already had to take that approach after some issues with FreeNAS (haven't tried XigmaNAS or Nas4Free.... but both related by code-blood to FreeNAS? Anyway.)

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