How to physically mount HDD caddies in DIY case?

  • Hi,

    I am making a NAS in a case intended for different equipment. It has single 3.5" bay, I'd like to add 2x more 3.5" bays, bought 2x plastic 5.25" to 3.5" caddies to use for this purpose. Can I use double-sided tape to attach the plastic 5.25" to 3.5" caddies to the metal parts of the case, or do I need to drill them through and use screws & nuts to avoid HDD vibration?

  • I've used these sort of brackets which work well:…r-converter-for-525in-bay (available in loads of places).

    Otherwise I'd see if the vibration noise is tolerable with tape only.

    The other thing to watch for might be drives overheating if they're enclosed in a caddy and then within a case, as there'll be little airflow around them.

    OMV 4 and 5 on Raspberry Pi 3, Odroid C2 and HC2, HP Proliant N36L and N54L, and another cobbled together box. Snapraid on the latter 3.

  • @geaves thank you for suggestion. Below are some photos illustrating my build. These are very WIP - all the excess plastic will be cut off from the caddies. Basically I'll have HDDs in left top, left bottom and right top areas of the case, and sbc with heatsink facing downwards, SATA card, ssd and pico psu in right bottom. There will be a single 60mm fan in center right area.

    @NothingNowhere than you for suggestion, I considered these but eventually decided to go with plastic parts because they prop the drives up.

    I'm planning to use He10 drives, from my understanding they run comparatively cool.

  • I am asking about the caddies, will it be enough to attach caddies to the metal case elements with ds tape, or do I have to screw them too or maybe use zip ties as suggested on reddit?

    Sorry :) if you can use screws then do so, if that's a problem the use zip ties, I just wouldn't trust ds tape.

  • If there's good contact between the case and the plastic of the drive caddies, then you can also use a dual part epoxy adhesive, such as JB Weld or similar. This is going to make a "mostly" permanent bond though, So if you'd need to remove the caddies frequently to access the drive hold down screws, this wouldn't be an option. With the slightly flexible plastic drive tray inserts, so long as the drive tray surface is left smooth, you can usually pop the cage off if you have to after the glue sets. But not something you want to do regularly.

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