OMV on RPi4 along Steam link

  • Hey fellows,
    I wonder if it's time to buy an RPi 4.
    Runing an old Banana Pi M1 for ages (since 2014) and it offers enough power for me.

    As I just upgraded my computer I wonder if a RPi4 would be suiteable to run OMV along Steam Link, so I could move my NAS to another room and use it both, headless as OMV, with connected FullHD projector to stream games any play them with a wireless XBox 360 gamepad.

    Any idea if there's any stable OVM for RPi4, soon?
    Will I get performance issues?
    Planning to buy the 4GB version and running it over ethernet (no wifi!).

  • There is a stable version of OMV4 for RPi4 today. I'm using it, with a 4GB RPi4, together with a 2TB Crucial MX500 SSD in a USB 3 UASP case. Works fine.

    No idea about Steam Link.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
    OMV 5: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4

  • Where did you get your information about there is no stable image for RPi4? It has been available for months.

    Just use the official image on the official download site. And follow the instructions in the readme about how to install it in the RPi4. The readme is written for the older RPi, but it applies to the RPi4 as well.

    Anything else is something else.

    You'll get GbE and fast USB 3. Nice!

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
    OMV 5: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4

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  • Ok. So i will give it a try.
    I dont want to use the working image- i just want to install OMV.
    I´ll try to use the RPI4 for varous things in parallel... swiss army knife style
    pihoile (i know there is a docker in OMV, but want to install it seperatly), iobroker and OMV as well. Lets see where the memory goes...

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