Problem with openVPN and DDNS

  • Hello,

    Currently, I access my server with a DDNS : administration page, plex etc. => everything is OK.

    I will like to secure the other fonctionnalities with a VPN.
    I installed OpenVpn and configured it.
    But when I start VPN, I lose the connection with DDNS.

    How it's possible? The DDNS is known by the Box, and the box knows the static ip and MAC.
    How the VPN change this connection?

    Is it possible to made what I want or I'm obliged to use OpenVpn client with all my devices?

    Thanks for your answers.

  • Hello,

    I will try to better explain my problem :P

    Currently, my server isn't at home, and I use DDNS to access on the administration page (, FTP to download and upload files : it works fine.
    I installed and configured openvpn as client (…envpn-openmediavault.html)

    But when I start VPN, I lose the connection with DDNS.
    I would like to keep my access with ddns. Is it possible?

    Quote from ccmm

    Excellent, use the local IP to VPN is a great solution

    But I must to connect with a client (as


  • When the VPN is started : curl => return an ip adress of the selected country.

    When the VPN is stopped : curl => return my home ip adress.

    Maybe my configuration is not good, I stayed focused on my dns problem.
    What should I watch?

    Edit : on local, no problem. My server is accessible.

  • Selected country???
    You have no DDNS problem.
    You lack understanding, sorry to say that. And you do not follow the directions given to you. Sorry, but I fear this will not work.

    The tutorial you follow is for protecting your privacy, that is to hide your IP from jurisdiction. You connect your OMV box to some internet server.
    That is not what you want. You want to setup your OMV box as server and your Laptop as client.

    This may be an alternative for you:
    [HowTo] WireGuard with OMV Super-Easy
    It uses wireguard instead of OpenVpn.


  • Thank you for your reply.

    I think my "openvpn solution" is not good.
    I want to protect my privacy with "vpn". But I like to manage my server with remote connection.
    I don't know if it's possible.

    In my head : the DDNS knew the internet box and the box the internal IP address of the server. So it was "independent" of the VPN => it's probably a mistake.

    I didn't know WireGuard, I will watch.

  • > I likee to secure the other fonctionnalities with a VPN.

    That is what you wrote.
    I am a bit tired of helping, as we were going in the wrong direction due to your imprecise writing.
    Improve that please.
    Before continuing, you should define what you intend and read what VPN is.

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