FTP connection. error: user USER home directory is NULL or ""

  • After reassigning a directory to the user, when I try to connect to the server via Filezilla, this appears in the Syslog:

    Jul 29 16:47:38 openmediavault proftpd[20922]: (xx.xx.xx.xxx[xx.xx.xx.xxx]) - FTP session opened.
    Jul 29 16:47:38 openmediavault proftpd[20922]: (xx.xx.xx.xxx[xx.xx.xx.xxx]) - mod_wrap/1.2.4: using access files: /etc/hosts.allow, /etc/hosts.deny
    Jul 29 16:47:38 openmediavault proftpd[20922]: (xx.xx.xx.xxx[xx.xx.xx.xxx]) - mod_wrap/1.2.4: allowed connection from ::ffff:xx.xx.xx.xxx
  • If you just want to be able to access your files using FileZilla you do not need FTP. You can use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocoll) with FileZilla or WinSCP. For this you only need a user that is member of the ssh group.

    the user is already a member of the ssh group and even in sftp I cannot connect.
    The other user who had managed to connect in ftp succeeded because I was in OpenVpn, once disconnected even with him I managed to connect. The strange thing is that although I could not connect in service> FTP there were two active connections with the same user, I had to deactivate and reactivate FTP to have it disconnected.
    A few weeks ago I was able to connect in fps with Filezilla, then I decided to disable it, yesterday I reactivated it and I can't connect.

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