Downloading media files from OMV to Synology

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    I have an OMV NAS running 4.1.23-1 with about 8 TB, running Sonarr, Radarr and NZBGet in dockers. Downloaded files go into /sharedfolders/Downloads/tvseries and /sharedfolders/Downloads/movies. Older hardware, but relatively powerfull (i7, 16GB RAM). The whole NAS is running a VPN-client connection.
    I also have a Synology 1019+ with about 40 TB which is my mediaserver. A Nvidia Shield TV is hooked up to my TV and plays the files from the mediaserver through Kodi.
    Both OMV and Synology have SMB shares on my Windows PC

    At the moment I have to copy the files from the OMV NAS to the Synology NAS by hand, And I have to do this via a windows computer; copy from OMV to a folder on my Windows PC, then from Windows PC to Synology. If I copy directly from OMV to Synology, Kodi does not recognize the new files during Kodi's media-update. Files copied via Windows are recognized just fine.

    - Is there any reason why I would have to copy via Windows ? Something with permissions? Is there a better way?
    - Is there any way to mount the drives from the Synology as shares into OMV, so I can use them directly to put newly downloaded Sonarr/Radarr files into?

    I don't want install Sonarr and the rest on the Synology, it's already running Plex and the hardware isn't that powerful. Also I do not want to put the Synology behind a VPN.

    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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