OMV now reverts to default and nothing else shows when booted.

  • Thanks guys. No I haven't forgotten any of my passwords. I just haven't been using the system much so I tend to forgot some of this stuff. System has just been acting up since it couldn't get any more updates on it. In any case, I decided to change the hard drive since I was using an extra adapter on an old ide drive and installed a slightly bigger drive that no longer uses that sata to ide adapter. I went ahead and installed the new omv 4 and although it took a little while I think I'm back up. One note when updating from one version to the next, I mean new install not updating. Make sure to either write down all your shares or get a screenshot because you will need that to get those shares going again. I couldn't remember a couple of them but found my screenshot so they're all back again. Phew. I just need to configure everything else back.

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