HP Proliant Microserver N54L

  • Hi all,

    Sorry for my English, I am Dutch :)

    I want to replace my old Netgear NAS. I have an old microserver from HP from an earlier project. It has 16 gigs of ram and a AMD Turion II Neo CPU. I am plannin got install OMV on an 16 gig usb flash drive. I will be using the NAS mostly for basic storage, backups and stream a movie now and then.

    Will this setup do for this purposes or do i have to get an hardware upgrade?

    Thanks in advance.

  • It will work very well for the things you list.

    The only problem might be if you have video that needs transcoding. For instance 4K video to 1080p. That might be an issue. But usually you can stream the original file and let the clients scale as needed. Then it is only the network speed that might be limiting.

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  • Thanks for you answer Adoby!
    I'll go ahead and start creating my new NAS. Like you said, I will just stream the original file, as I have a PC connected to my tv, so it can do the transcoding for itself. My network is a solid 1Gbps, so that should not be a problem.

  • I have one And need to put an aditional fan in the front to cooler the HD properly

    The CPU have high usare on SMB transfer, but works well.

    I do not transcode en plex to avoid CPU high usage.

  • Exactly this one is running with omv at my home since i bought it.

    Currently it has some performance issues when using for plex transcoding highres movies.

    Also sometimes it "lost" one HDD in the four hotplug trays. Reconnecting them one by one solved this issue as well.

    I use 4 x WD 4 TiB and one 120G system disk with no issues except the two mentioned before.´

    My second system is an N40L as Local Backup Device (UrBackup). It is working, but not fast enough in my opinion.

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