My oDroid H2 NAS

  • Hello guys. I recently switched from an oDroid XU4 (HC1 and HC2 did not exist when I ordered my XU4 a few years ago) to an oDroid H2. I am glad OMV4 is now UEFI bootable. I installed it from an USB stick onto an NVME (H2 has 2 full SATA ports and one M.2 port). I had no issue with installation, I am using OMV since OMV 2.3 probably and I already know how to use it. The only issue that I have is that OMV is not showing the temperature in the dashboard overview. I am pretty pleased with the overall performance, but compared to XU4 (that was booting the kernel from a microSD card and the root filesystem from an 2.5 inches SSD connected via USB) there is not such a big difference, I do not feel like it is so much faster, but I am sure that the hardware power will be sensed when actually using it with Plex, FTP and Samba. H2 should be a lot more future proof than XU4 would be, even though OMV with XU4 should probably be supported for at least a few years (both are running 4.19.x kernels anyway).

    PS: I will upload photos as soon as possible. I am using H2 with a Type 1 case (using one 3.5 inches HDD for the moment) and a separate power button and it looks very, very cool (in a geeky way). The official cases from HardKernel are transparent and a real eye catcher.

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    Testing (latest) OMV 4.x on an oDroid H2 (currently with kernel 4.19.x)

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