Subsonic wont Backup

  • Getting ready to make my full reinstall move to 4.0, and went to backup my subsonic settings, but:

    When I click "Backup" in the subsonic plugin, nothing happens. The restore button works, but that's not what I need.

    I know this feature was working 2019.05.29, as that is my last subsonic backup.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this issue before I make the jump?

  • After reading this thread, it looks like the issue is not a new one, and there's no interest in resolving it. I would love it if someone did as it is a feature I used frequently.

    In the mean time, I just followed this link is a rough guide to backup my database, just not as a tar.

    Edit: Also used this link to try and get it into a tar/tar.gz, I doubt I got the formatting correct, but I'm doing what I can without knowing better.

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