No spin down external HDD Seagate 4TB

  • Hello

    I have exactly the same probleme as in this post.

    Problem = external USB HDD does not spin down.
    It runs with OMV4 full power all the time.
    (with Windows it goes automatic into sleepmode)

    I have an old Laptop, which i want to use as a Fileserver.
    For this I bought 2 external Seagate 4 TB HDDs

    One as Fileserver-drive
    The other makes a daily backup of the Fileserver-drive.

    After some hours of research, I dont think there is any solution...
    But... are there external hard disks where the spin down works?
    You have any recommendation for me, which external HDD I should buy?

    I have an esata Port on the Laptop.
    Does esata and spin down work in OMV4?

    If yes:
    I buy a esata Case + a HDD which works as filserver-drive.
    And for the Backup an external HDD with spin down support.
    This way i get some more speed. (Laptop has only USB2)
    As an example a case like this:…uery=externe%20festplatte

    Thank you for your Time and recommendations

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