Odd permissions problem?

  • Hi, I have an weird (I think) permissions issue I noticed when coming across editing some text files. Here's the symptom.

    My setup:
    - NASBOX with OMV 4.1.23-1 with with 4 drives -- shareddisk1/2/3/4.
    - multiple Windows 10 clients - Win10PC1/2/3... running Win 10 1903 Pro and Home versions.

    Symptom (Recreation of Steps):
    - I create a sample1.txt to shareddisk1 from Win10PC1.
    - I can open, copy, move, delete the sample.txt from Win10PC2, Win10PC3, and on, BUT
    - I cannot edit the sample1.txt from Win10PC2/3 -- I get a permissions error message.

    However, if I do the change scenarios slightly -- create a sample2.txt from Win10PC1 on shareddisk2/3/4, I have no problems editing the same file on Win10PC2/3.
    In addition, if I create another sample3.txt from Win10PC2/3 to sharedisk1, I can edit that same file from Win10PC1 ?( .

    Confusing enough? :S

    Steps I've tried to resolve:
    - On Win10 PCs, I have:
    * made sure the all the network is on same workgroup
    * enabled Function Discovery Provider, Function Discovery Provider Host, SSDP, and UPnP Device Host
    * enabled all SMB1.0/CIFS File Sharing support and SMB Direct features
    * clients are all on Private Network
    * turned on network discovery
    * turned on file and printer sharing
    * turned off password protected sharing

    - On the OMV box, I have:
    * under SMB/CIFS shared folder options - "acl allow execute always = yes" on the extra options.

    All the shareddisks are setup/shared in the same way EXCEPT that sharedisk1 is EXT4 file system, and others are NTFS. Perhaps this is the cause of something (ACL options maybe??) But I don't know what else to try at this point.

    Any help would be appreciated:

  • Found out the issue, and I'll leave it here for posterity for anyone else who's run into an issue like this.

    Basically my default local user account on Win10PC1 was username1, and I had a user with the same name on 'access rights management', and this seemed to have caused some issue.

    I deleted the username1 account unser the access rights management, and no longer have this issue above.

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