Automount LUKS Encrypted Drive On Boot

  • Dear sirs,

    i am running Armbian Buster with OMV5 on an Odroidn2. I looked on the Armbian forum for info but someone suggested it was an OMV issue. So I post here. I have completed LUKS encryption on a hard drive and it will unlock and mount if I use the OMV WebUI. However, this creates a problem for me. The LUKS encrypted drive has to be manually unlocked (and mounted?) via the OMV WebUI. If I am not physically present after the OMV box has rebooted then the LUKS drive is both not locked and not mounted. I would like to know if there is a way to automount or auto-unlock then mount (not sure which is correct) for getting OMV to autounlock and mount my LUKS encrypted drive after, or during, boot. Hopefully this is clear. Please forgive my noob skills.

    Thank you for any help.

  • Umm.. OK. Read that thread. It doesn't really help with what I am trying to do. It just has people arguing with the OP.

    As I stated in my original post, I am running latest Armbian on an Odroid N2. There is a Luks encrypted drive attached that I am trying to unlock at boot automagically so it will thus be automounted and then have shared folders accessible.

    That is, when Gramdma plugs in the N2 it currently does not automatically unlock and mount the luks encrypted drive as described. She needs young grandson to physically be there to login at local OMV at, then click Encryption, then enter password, then click Shared Folders and readd the ones that are already there. Without this, Shared Folders are not accessible at all.

    Hence my question, is there a method or process for OMV to do this on boot?

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