Docker-CE issues not fixed by searched solutions

  • Okay, so, I have an old OMV install on a RPi3+ that just isn't cutting the mustard anymore, so, I'm doing a fresh install on an old, broken HP laptop. This may be long with superfluous info, but I'd rather give too much info than too little.

    The old RPi3+ started as OMV3, recently upgraded to 4, so all services were NOT using Docker. I currently have a problem installing Docker (hence, this post). After installing Docker, I'll have to deal with the nightmare of configuring that, but that's what the rest of the hair on my head is for.

    The first and most important service to have running on this install is OpenVPN. I've already had to re-install once because I couldn't get OpenVPN to work when it was already working, and then the firewall rules drove me nuts, but that's all I've configured thus far.

    I've had various errors installing Docker, and I think I've had some that others have had that I think I've quashed (including a protocol error that I seem to have fixed with firewall rules), and I've followed the fix most people seem to be using here.

    The output of the install doesn't seem real helpful:

    ...but it does seem that docker-ce is the culprit. Is there other commands I could run that might give some clearer info on what I could be doing wrong?

  • Okay, I'm going to re-install, then install docker first, just to make sure my VPN and firewall rules aren't causing the issue. Just shutting those things off won't prove that they aren't the problem.

  • Bad news for me; its currently working. Now, I'm afraid to implement my VPN and firewall rules. I'm either going to break Docker, or cause it to not be able to update (or something else that I don't want).

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