OMV Storage Only Hardware Recommendation

  • Morning,

    I am finally ready to build a new nas box. I previously had an R710 and was using old school traditional hardware raid (H700) on 4 8TB Red's. I now want to separate out my storage box from my virtualization. I sold the R710 and now have literally nothing. I have been researching for weeks and went between building freenas, synology, xpenology, unraid and omv.
    For my particular use case, I do not need ZFS as my data is not that integral/production oriented. I do not want to spend the money on synology, don't want the possible bricking of xpenology when updating, ymmv on that one I'm sure, ALMOST went with unraid, and now have settled on OMV.

    Wishlist for the build:

    Case for 12-15 drives (hotswap not 100% necessary)

    • Possibly one of the rosewill 4u cases
    • Barebone supermicro
    • Mayyyybe a Fractal R4/R5

    Mobo + CPU - I need help here...

    • Have seen recommendations for all types of setups that also include using docker and a bunch of other plugins but not so much for storage only
    • I will be using some sort of a mergerFS and SnapRAID
    • This will be for storage only, nothing else will be running (no vm's, no docker containers, etc...) AKA a true NAS only box
    • Want the storage to be as performant as possible in that mergerFS and snapRAID config, but it doesn't need to power the world.
    • Would like recommendations on Mobo + CPU and if I need ECC Ram on OMV.
    • Looking for somewhat energy efficient as I will be building a separate Virtualization server with the horsepower to do plex transcodes, vm's, etc...

    Use Case:

    • Plex
    • NextCloud


    • Building an OMV Nas box for storage only
    • Need recommendations on MOBO + CPU + RAM for that type of demand
  • For what you describe, you don't need ECC or a super powerful cpu. I have an nfs only box that has an i3-6100 cpu with 8GB ram, 10GBe NIC, and 1TB nvme drive. It serves my three node Proxmox cluster with almost all VMs stored on it and has no issues. It is just a cheap desktop board as well. I really like my Supermicro and Asrock Rack boards as well. Any of these would work well for your needs.

    omv 5.5.11 usul | 64 bit | 5.4 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.3.6 plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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