Power Supply

  • Using OMV on my old Thecus NAS Stations, its time to build a better one...

    My Components:
    Motherboard Asrock C236 WSi (ITX)
    CPU Intel G4600
    System Drive SSD 120/240 GB

    and up to 8 3,5" disks

    is a 450W power supply OK, or should I go for a stronger one ?

    Also any recomendations for a nice case.
    Is that OK- SilverStone SST-DS380


  • I am going to be overtop but

    Drives 8 x 15 = 120
    CPU = 1 x 60 = 60
    Motherboard = 1 x 60 = 60
    SSD = 1 x 1 = 1

    Total = 240w (please note this is roughly how much power you will consume it could be lower or higher depending on your circumstances)

    So 450w should be plenty

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