NVMe SMART status reading failure (wrong drive name)

  • Yup, that works!

  • Could you please give this command line a try? It worked for me on OMV5. According to a bugreport for smartmontools this will not be necessary anymore for the smartctl used in OMV6.

    $ smartctl -d nvme,0xffffffff -x /dev/nvme0n1

    Yes, this command works! (I have the same issue).

    I also get SMART data (not shown here)

    OMV BUILD - MY NAS KILLER - OMV 5.x + omvextrasorg

    Core i3-8300 - ASRock H370M-ITX/ac - 8GB RAM - Sandisk Ultra Flair 32GB (OMV), 256GB NVME SSD (Docker), 3x4TB HDD (Data) - Fractal Design Node 304 - Be quiet! Pure Power 11 350W

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