Bad Samba Performance

  • Hi,

    this is my first Post in the forum, so please forgive me some errors i might make especially in language (my writing skills in english are not really good). I'm willing to learn and open for tipps and feedback. Also i'm a beginner at linux, network tech and openmediavault.

    I have a Performance Problem with my samba share since i switched from OMV3 to OMV4. On the old OMV3 System i got 100mbit or more when i was transfering files in the network and about the same Performance when i'm transfering files between drives in the System. On the new System i get consistent 90mbit on the Network and the most time lower rates between drives. Weirdly the performance between the drives is often not consistent sometimes 40-50 mbit and at the maximum 90mbit. The Hardware configuration didn't really change betwenn the Systems.

    8GB DDR4 Ram
    Intel Pentium G4600
    Intel B250 chipset
    Gigabit Lan
    some WD Red NAS Drives with SATA 6GB connected.

    My Router is a FritzBox 7490

    I Did some test's and analysed the BIOS settings. All the drives are running on full speed and the Network Performance between the Server and the FritzBox are normal. The Server has the newest OMV version and all updates. I know there are SAMBA Tunning options here in the Forum but i tried all of them in different config's and nothing was helping. Often the Tunning Options made the Performance worse than before. I'm trying to solve the Problem for days now and i have no idea what i can do. I know that my Samba speeds are not so bad, but i'm a perfectionist and i want to pull out the maximum of Performance from a Gigabit LAN Network.

  • I suspect that you sometimes confuse mb/s (megabit per second) with (megabyte per second) in your description. Otherwise you have serious problems and/or junk infrastructure/hardware.

    In a GbE network transfer speed should be around 1000 mb/s. That is one gigabit per second. in practice it is a little bit slower due to network protocol overheads. But you should see speeds of at least 800-900 mb/s in the network.

    1000 mb/s is about the same as 125 MB/s. using SMB 90 MB/s is pretty good.

    Internally, when copying between drives, you should see speeds well above the network speeds. Perhaps 200-300 MB/s or even faster. If it is old drives or they are close to full or are connected using USB you may see slower speeds.

    One reason, why you see slow speeds between drives in the NAS, could be that you do the copying external and not internal. For instance you use a windows PC and copy files from one drive on the NAS to another. Then the files first travel from the first drive over the network to your PC, and then from your PC back to the other drive on the NAS. This can be extremely slow, and should be avoided unless it is just a couple of small files.

    Instead, to copy the files internally on the NAS, login on the nas using SSH (putty?) and use the command line to copy the files, or install a file manager like Midnight Commander, to make it easier.

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