OMV cannot Boot - Big Problem!

  • Hi all,
    Yesterday i think i've done it for good.

    I try to have a clone of my installation disk using DD command. Everything went well but after i replace the drive it wont boot.
    When i install OMV i install it for the first time using UEFI. Everything went well with no problem.

    But since yesterday i have done the DD no more boot. I cant boot anymore. Neverless i've try using my old drive and with the same issue.

    I've selected it on bios, unplug all the drives except the boot drive and nothing it goes into a loop.

    Dont know how to resolve this mess.

    I wish anyone can give me a hint on how to resolve this, or do i need to reinstall it.

    I've hours of configuration here. I dont want to loose everthing.

    Thanks you all


  • It will be good if you can give more info, about the OMV version and all steps that you did.
    I'm not an expert, and also I have problems with OMV5.

    I have "demo machine" where I can try to do the same as you did, but I need to know all.
    I assume that you boot your system from a USB Stick, right?


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