External USB Drive Clicking Sound After Shutdown

  • Hello all,
    just finished my first omv installation on an old HP Probook 4530s to use it as a home media server and torrent machine
    I have a "recently bought" 4tb Western Digital My Passport external hard drive attached to it via USB 3 port

    Have 2 problems
    1- print_req_error: critical target error, dev sdd, sector 2048
    when i try to create a new file system on the drive (only on this sector)
    I get this error on the laptop monitor though it doesn't appear on the web GUI progress window on my main machine!

    2- when i try to shutdown my system
    I hear the external drive spins very fast then suddenly shuts down with a clicking/snapping noise like the disk heads are not parking correctly! is this normal?!
    tried unmount the drive before shutdown then i discovered i should delete my shares first so its not a very convenient solution for the problem
    tried playing around with smart, and power management settings
    tried re-wipe and reformat with no luck
    the drive behave this way on omv only! tried it on windows, ubuntu, debian and osx no problems
    tried other drives they do not show the same symptoms!
    any help would be appreciated

    Thank you in advance
    Greetings from Egypt

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