Using Postgis (Postgressql) with OMV, any no nos?

  • Hi,

    we are using OMV in our small company (2 guys) as storage server for our business data with software raid, backup setups and so on.
    Now we want to setup a postgisdatabase (spatial extension for postgressql) on the same machine. As far as i know, OMV does some deep changes to the underlying OS.
    So we are wonderin if there is any OMV-stuff that can influence our postgis installation and vice versa?
    I dont think that should be a problem to run both parallel on the same machine, but as it is for business stuff.. I wanted to ask first.

    I know that OMV can run docker, and there are some docker builds for postgis. But as we have never used docker before, we dont want to test it.. maybe later, but not for the initial installation and start.

    Best regards.

  • So we are wonderin if there is any OMV-stuff that can influence our postgis installation and vice versa?

    Not really. OMV doesn't do anything with postgresql but as with installing any package in OMV, you risk causing issues with the install.

    we dont want to test it

    You really should...

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  • I suspect that you would save yourselves a lot of trouble and grief by learning a little about docker. Most likely it will be much easier to install PostGIS using docker than from scratch. And there is very little danger of disturbing the OMV install. I hardly know anything about docker but still I successfully run a couple of docker applications.

    I believe there are some tutorials on how to install PostGIS using docker on the internet. I did a quick search and found a couple.

    You could start by testing to install OMV and then PostGIS on some old PC or laptop, just to see what is involved or if there are problems. And also using docker. Or test it on your ordinary PC/Laptop with an external HDD. You should probably NOT experiment on your business NAS setup until after you know exactly how to install on it.

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