New Router, now certain dockers having network problems.

  • Firstly, I know its possible that my issue is due to the shitty router given by my broadband company, but before I go buy a different one I'm wondering if there may be another issue.

    Basically I previously had everything running OK, with various dockers that I could access remotely. Plex, Nextcloud, Jdownloader, VPN etc

    All I did was setup the new router with the same settings - Static IP for the NAS of, and copied over the various ports through the firewall.

    The NAS has access to the internet and is able to download, and SMB shares are seen on the network.

    The really confusing one is Plex as that has always been easy to setup. The various ports appeared in the UPNP section (I have also tried to add them manually), and on the Plex interface it says that Plex is fully accessible from the internet, but it is not.

    To test the router I quickly set up a Plex and JDownloader on my laptop, and they don't seem to have any issue communicating with the outside world, which make me thing its something to do with my NAS or OMV

    Is there something I have missed that is stopping this from working? Maybe some sort of network reset is needed?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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