Transitioning from Synology NAS to OMV Server

  • Hi,

    I need some advice on the steps that I need to take in order move the two drives from my Synology NAS over to my OMV server while maintaining the data on the two drives. What are the steps I need to take to appropriate configure the drives and sharing the data with the different apps that are running via docker containers.

    Details about my current setup:

    • Synology NAS
      • Bays = 2
      • Drive Space per bay = 5TB
      • Storage configuration = Raid 1
    • OMV Server
      • Total Bays = 6
      • Bays in use = 4
      • Total storage used = 8TB
      • Storage configuration = Raid 1

      Happy to fill in the blanks where more information is needed.

      Thanks in advance for all the help!

  • What I would do:

    • Reconfigure the OMV NAS to NOT use RAID in any form.
    • Use the drives on the OMV NAS to create a tiered data storage.
    • Use some (half?) of the drives on the OMV NAS for backups using daily rsync snapshots.
    • Use the Synology NAS for secondary backups for the most valuable and hard to replace data. Backups of the backups.

    Tiered data storage: (I intend to restructure my storage something like this. I have realized that I might backup too much too often. that is OK, but expensive...)

    HOT: Use one share/drive/partition for incoming/new files.
    WARM: Once a month or whenever the HOT tier is full, move files here.
    COLD: Once a year or whenever the WARM tier is full, move some files here.
    FROZEN: Write protected storage for static files that are rarely needed.

    The HOT tier is used to add files and fix them up. Add nice metadata and so on. Fix missing bit. You need to backup daily.

    The WARM tier is rarely modified. And you only need to back it up when it is modified.

    The COLD tier is modified even less. And you only need to back it up when it is modified.

    The FROZEN tier could be an old NAS that is mostly turned off. Or a cheap RPi4-based NAS.

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