OMV 5.05 Install Problems

  • Do you have an available IPv6 DHCP server?

    Is there an option to not configure for IPv6? If so, try that and if it works, fix it later if you really do need IPv6.

    Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

    OMV AMD64 5.x on ASRock Rack C2550D4I C0 Stepping - 16GB ECC - Silverstone DS380 + Silverstone DS380 DAS Box.

  • Hey vanmusicgroup,

    I'm trying to install omv5 on A Linux Manjaro host in VirtualBox.

    I was originally having the same problem as you described, installation hangs at "Configuring the network for DHCP6"

    I followed your advice, and I got past the "Configuring the network for DHCP6" screen, after disabling the network in VB(essentially disconnecting the network cable)...BUT when I enable, or reconnect the network cable, for the rest of the installation, I get "unable to establish connection with mirror" "would you like to continue without a connection to network mirror, only a minimal installation is possible". I continued the installation for $hits and giggles.

    The installation completes, but the assigned IP address is outside of my local network range and I can't log into the web interface. For example, my router IP address is assigns 192.122.6 as the web interface, so I can't log into the web interface.

    My question is: when did you disconnect AND reconnect your network cable to successfully install OMV5??


  • Hopefully, this helps somebody out.

    I just installed Ubuntu 18.04(bare metal) and successfully installed OMV5 in VirtualBox. I didn't have to do anything to the network settings/disconnect cable etc...

    Maybe this is only a problem on Manjaro host??

    Thanks for your help.

  • Not just Manjaro getting the same problem on using Proxmox,

    I have had OMV5.05 on this machine before (accidentally deleted the previous install)

    was just googling to find a solution and ended up hear

  • I'm using Proxmox and had the same issue.
    To fix, I disconnected network connection on the tick box on Proxmox, and when set up got to 'setting up DHCP' (Not DHCP6 with network deactivated, for some reason?), I unticked disconnected box on Proxmox, then the installation continued without error.
    Now have OMV5.3.4 running in Proxmox without issue.
    Hope this helps someone else having same issue with blue screen at DHCP6 setup. :-)

  • Same problem here, I am trying to install iso image and having same problem with DCHP6 ans openmediavault installer.

    OK, I solved setting IP manually

  • did you set ip manually later, mine stays in blue screen, i will try to disconnect cable as well i have this problem on latest 5.3.9 install baremetal on HP gen8, all goes ok but after network it stays blue

  • Had the same issue with proxmox VM, the sollution for me was to tick "disconnected" in network device and run the VM. Once the installation was past "Configuring the network for DHCP6" and got to normal network config, i untickted disconnected fast and pressed ok - and everything went ok after that.

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