Basic question on problem and upgrading

  • I am a long time user of OMV but at a very low level of knowledge. I have a very old version - Omnius - and am having some logging in problems due to the system drive being full.

    Rather than fixing the drive I assume it would be best to upgrade to the current release. I have watched the video and all seems simple enough but I have a question on the existing data discs.

    I have a 4 x 2Tb RAID 10 with about 2 Tb of data on them. Although I do have backups of the key data can I install the new OMV version and use the data drives as they are currently? I appreciate I will need to recreate the users but will the directories etc still be there.

    Thanks for any help


  • I think there is no way to upgrade from Omnius to the current OMV version. You will have to do a complete new installation. And you will recreate everything from scratch.

    Look at this post which possibilities you have to transfer the old settings to the new system: https://forum.openmediavault.o…?postID=214298#post214298

    OMV 3.0.100 (Gray style)

    ASRock Rack C2550D4I C0-stepping - 16GB ECC - 6x WD RED 3TB (ZFS 2x3 Striped RaidZ1) - Fractal Design Node 304 -

    3x WD80EMAZ Snapraid / MergerFS-pool via eSATA - 4-Bay ICYCube MB561U3S-4S with fan-mod

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