docker breaks internet connection

  • I have installed OMV 5 on RPI4.
    After installing Docker the internet connection on my pi is broken.
    I am able to ping but i can't ping google and any other site

    i tried hardcoding nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf and it works for some time.

    is there any permanent fix to this?

  • If you can ping (outside your network), but not, it sounds like a DNS issue. If your network was broken, you wouldn't get a positive result from

    Try (Primary) and (Secondary) for DNS. Those are cloudflare's servers and I rarely have problems with them.

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    Use omv-firstaid from CLI to configure the network interface.

    Either use DHCP or use static IP. If you use static IP add as DNS server the IP of your router and an additional DNS server like phrogpilot73 has suggested.

    I would suggest to use DHCP and assign a fixed IP to the RPi in your router. Or just use hostname instead of IP to reach your RPi.

  • I had the same problem with the broken internet connection after installation of docker.
    Intranet worked but no internet. So I changed from DHCP to a fixed IP-address with DNS (from google) and the problem is gone. Internet was working again.

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