10G Network Compatibility List?

  • Hi there!

    Is there any list where I can look up what 10G network hardware is working with OMV?

    Or does anyone have an Intel X540-T1 and can confirm it working? :saint: I don't want any DIY-hacked-driver-special-install that takes 4 weeks to get it running.


  • OMV is based on Debian.

    Perhaps checking the device databas for Debian would be one way forward?


    I did a quick search and it seems not to be mentioned there. But it might still be usable. But it might require you to download drivers from Intel and do some crazy diy command line voodoo. That you want to avoid. Because it would take you weeks to do successfully?

    It is a good idea to first check compability and only then do the purchase.

    Edit: Some more cursory searching seems to indicate that the T2 is natively supported by OMV.

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