Cannot see shares with OpenVPN-AS

  • I'm looking to gain access to my OMV shared folders from outside my home network with OpenVPN-AS. I have deployed it on my OMV server successfully (I think) and appear to have the external client working, as it connects successfully and I can ping the router. However, that seems to be all that I can do!

    On my home network, I am running OMV on Linux, and access the shared folders from windows machines without problems via SMB. But taking a windows laptop out of the network and connecting it remotely via the VPN only succeeds in connecting. I can ping the router ( but no other machine that is running on the home network, and so cannot see how to gain access to the shared folders.

    I am sure there is something simple I am missing, but I'm afraid my ignorance means I have no idea what it is. I'd really appreciate some pointers here. Having searched around, I suspect some others have hit the same problem.


  • I've just started doing the same and the first thing that tripped me up was opening and forwarding ports. I have my cable hub, which I set the port forwarding on but then forgot I needed to do the same my router - Linksys WRT1900ACS.
    Now I have a path from the outside world to my Pi 4 NAS but haven't had time to go further.

    I'll keep an eye on his thread for tips!


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