External USB drive spindown doesn't work

  • I connected a external usb 3.0 5TB WD D3 Station to my NAS but I can't get the spindown work for this device. What do I have to chose in the OMV disk settings?

    With hdpram "sudo hdparm -y /dev/sda" I can spindown per console manually.

  • Have you tried to change the Physical Disk Properties in the OMV GUI? There you can set stuff like spindown. The properties are set using hdparm under the hood.

    No guaranties it works correctly over USB or at all. I have had problems with hdparm and Physical Disk Properties. Not all like being told what to do by hdparm, and starts doing strange stuff and even refuse to work at all if you try to use hdparm on them.

    You reach the Pysical Disk Properties by selecting "Edit" on a disk in the OMV GUI.

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  • Doesnt work for me neither.... Idk why, its like you say... using the y option works without a problem, but automatically, it doesnt spindown, I have APM=1 and Spindown of 5 minutes and it doesnt do it. Is there anyone with a solution for this?

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