General concept around shares and samba

  • Hello All,

    Quite new to OMV, but I like it a lot. Generally different concept from what I have been using so just trying to get the concept.

    SharedFolder would be a conceptual pointer to a folder, but when creating and giving it a name, OMV would go ahead and actually add the folder itself to the selected device.

    So if I want to share the whole disk, I would delete the name and use / in the path.
    Caveat here: the actual device would probably be non-writeable, since the top level folder of the device is owned by root

    And then Samba would take this one step further and re-use the pointer and take it from there... right?

  • Sorry. You can't share a whole drive or a whole partition in OMV. You need to place a shared folder on it and share that. You might hack around it by editing paths under the hood. But that will most likely break OMV at some point. So don't do it.

    But that shared folder can, of course, use all of the drive or the whole partition. So this should be no problem.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
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  • don’t use that path for services. Use the original path at /srv

  • don’t use that path for services. Use the original path at /srv


    Am I getting this right, that actually all docker 'mapped' folders should point via /srv, so that even if the sharing setup changes, a docker 'app' would find its ways to its designated folders?

    I meant that the 'appdata' folder that Techno Dad Life refers to - is no longer on the sharedfolders path. In another guide here on the forum I read that it was better to create a 'dockerperson' user specifically for the docker containers anyway...

    So I am using that now, and all the configs for the containers go under this users' home folder.

    Just wanted to clarify these two things.

    Thank you

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